A Journey to the Past

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All of us, forth of ESO grade students, have performed a written English project.

We had to research about the conducts we used to have many decades ago at different fields like school, eating habits or free time, and compare them to the current ones.

The Project consisted on several tasks: brainstorming and planning the topics that would be discussed, searching for information in our computer laboratory to elaborate the essay , and presenting the project in front of the class.

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It was a small group project where we had to cooperate and share our ideas if we wanted a successful final work. But you know, when you are with friends, it is always enjoyable. Another great side of this work was having to ask our relatives about their manners, hobbies and worries long time ago, which is something really helpful to bear in mind.

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My group’s first impression of the assignment was considering it quite boring, but when we started the planning, we realised how mistaken we were. We had such a great time!  Apart from learning English in a fun way, it was a great opportunity for us to realise how different  life is nowadays if we compare it with how our grandparents used to live.

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